How to Clean RV AC Coils Properly

How to Clean RV AC Coils Properly How can you clean RV coils properly?

Keeping your RV well-maintained is essential to avoiding problems and reducing the need for mobile RV repairs while on the road. One important maintenance tip is to clean the AC coils on your RV at least every other season.

Knowing how to clean RV AC coils will ensure they keep working at an optimal level. You are also less likely to experience any issues if you keep them clean on a regular basis. Working with a professional specializing in mobile RV maintenance is a great way to save time while giving you access to professionals.

Here is an overview of how to clean RV AC coils:

Turn Off the Power

The first step for cleaning any air conditioner is to turn off the power. Performing this step is essential to safety because you don’t want the air conditioner to turn on while you are cleaning RV AC coils.

You can turn off the power by unplugging your RV from a power source or by switching off the breakers. Once the power is off, you can focus on inspecting the air filters.

Clean or Replace Filters

Air filters in your RV need to be cleaned on a yearly basis. These filters tend to get dirty over time, and they can eventually get clogged with debris. Dirty filters also force your air conditioning unit to work much harder, which decreases its lifespan.

It’s a good idea to inspect your air filters every three months to ensure they remain clean, or you may need to consider replacing the air filter if you don’t want to clean them.

The easiest way to clean RV air filters is to go inside your RV and remove the intake filter before using a vacuum with low suction to remove debris.

You can also soak the filter with mild detergent and warm water for around 15 minutes if you are struggling to remove debris. Afterward, you can use a brush to scrape away the remaining debris from the filter. You should replace your filter if it’s torn or still dirty.

Inspect and Clean the Air Conditioner

The next step in cleaning AC coils is to climb on the roof of your RV and check the air conditioner. You will need a ladder to inspect the AC unit, and it’s always important to be cautious to avoid any accidents.

Using another person that’s on the ground to hand you any tools and AC coil cleaners will also make this task easier. Once on top of the RV, you will need to remove the screws keeping the AC shroud in place and put them to the side.

Visually inspecting your air conditioning unit will help you determine if you are dealing with any insect nests or debris. Mud daubers will often build nests near RV air conditioners, as it’s important to clean them out to prevent any long-term damage.

You can use a coil comb to remove debris, and it’s important to check the evaporator coils for any signs of damage. The comb can also be used to straighten the coils. Using compressed air to remove debris and any clogs is also important when cleaning your RV’s air conditioner.

Do You Need to Do Any Other Steps for Cleaning RV AC Coils?

Once you are finished using compressed air on the coils, it’s time to spray cleaner on the coils. It’s also recommended to add oil once a year if the fan motor includes a small oil cap. You will need to remove the plastic plug from the cup and add three or four drops of oil.

Afterward, you will have to wait for the coils to dry completely before putting the shroud back in place and screwing it back down on the unit. Understanding how to clean RV AC coils is a fairly simple process, but it’s also a good idea to schedule mobile RV inspections and maintenance each year.

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