Tips on Keeping Your RV’s Air Conditioner Well-Maintained

How to Maintain Your RV’s Air Conditioner

When you live or travel in an RV, you only need to get out of the vehicle, and you’re already outdoors, ready to enjoy the sun, sky, and fresh air.

However, staying outdoors for long periods can be uncomfortable, especially when temperatures exceed 90 degrees. It can feel even hotter inside the RV. Unfortunately, feeling hot and uncomfortable in your camper is one of the most common RV problems. Thankfully, it’s something that an air conditioning unit can quickly fix.

However, there are a few ways to maintain your RV’s ac unit.

Common RV Problems with Your Air Conditioner

Unfortunately, your RV’s air conditioning system is not exempt from the wear and tear of daily use, even if you maintain it very well.

So, what are the most common RV problems your AC might encounter?

●    The AC won’t turn on.

●    It repeatedly turns on and off.

●    The AC leaks.

●    The AC doesn’t produce cool air.

●    It makes strange noises.

Simple troubleshooting steps can easily fix some of the AC problems listed. However, the likelihood of encountering them is lessened with proper maintenance.

Unfortunately, some problems are simply unavoidable. Working with a professional RV A/C repair service provider is the best option if you want to continue traveling and living in your vehicle.

Tips on Maintaining RV Air Conditioner

While air conditioners are self-sufficient, they still need maintenance to stay in top shape. When AC problems arise, prompt mobile service repair is your bets option. Getting immediate repair will help fix the issue and prevent common RV problems from occurring again.

So, how do you maintain your RV’s AC unit?

Inspect and clean the AC system’s exterior cover regularly.

The outer part of your AC system bears the brunt of outside elements. Therefore, extreme weather conditions, animals, and debris can easily damage the outer cover.

To keep the AC fully functional and intact, you must regularly check the outer covering for cracks and other damage. Doing so is especially crucial after your RV suffers the effects of storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

Check for possible leaks.

While checking the AC’s cove, you should also check for leaks. Doing so is your best protection against water intrusion—something you must avoid if you can. When water leaks into your RV, it can lead to extensive and costly damage.

So, ensure the AC unit is mounted correctly, and the hole is tightly sealed. Inspect the condenser coil while you’re at it, too. Also, don’t forget to tighten the screws that keep your air conditioner in place.

Ensure the cooling metal fins are kept straight. 

The metal fins inside your air conditioner are part of the condenser. They are vital parts because they help disperse heat quickly. Unfortunately, they are very delicate and can easily bend. When this happens, your AC’s cooling power decreases significantly.

Keeping the fins free of debris that can damage them is crucial. For this, you can remove the shroud, check the fins, and clean them when necessary.

Wash the filter every six months.

One of the things you need to know about air conditioners is that the filters can be washed. In fact, cleaning the filter with soap and water every six months, or more frequently if you use the AC often, is necessary for AC maintenance.

If the filter becomes worn out, you can replace it by buying a new one.

The Importance of having Air Conditioning in Your RV

It’s uncommon to see an RV without any air conditioning today. Of course, going AC-free when camping or traveling in your RV was normal years ago, but it’s different now when temperatures can reach as high as 90 degrees during the summer.

So, it’s safe to say you can’t enjoy RV life without an air conditioner — or two. Here are the following reasons why:

●    Air conditioners provide cold air and a cooler environment, especially during summer when it gets very hot and humid outside.

●    It provides a more comfortable environment, helping you sleep better.

●    It helps reduce allergens in the air, such as pollen, dust, and certain insects.

Because air conditioning systems in RVs have a vital role, their maintenance, and prompt repairs are also essential.

When you take good care of your air conditioner, it will last longer. But more importantly, you can avoid common RV problems like RV ac repairs and leaks.

Maintaining RV Air Conditioner – Where to Get the Best RV Air Conditioner Repair Services

You play an essential role in keeping your RV’s air conditioner in the best condition. But unfortunately, sometimes, maintenance is not enough.

Certain factors can damage your AC and cause it to malfunction. Then, it will need repairs instead of just maintenance.

In this situation, mobile RV inspections from the professional RV technicians of AA Mobile RV Repair are your best option. If you’re in New Port Richey, Crystal River, Tampa, Largo, or Pinellas County, be sure to call (727) 310-4662, and we’ll be happy to assist you with your RV’s air conditioning problems and other concerns to get you back on the road fast.