How do You Reset an RV Air Conditioner?

Having issues with your RV’s AC unit? Here’s how to reset it to solve some system issues.

Are you an RV owner struggling with an air conditioner that isn’t functioning properly or blowing cold air as it should? Are you trying to figure out how do you reset an RV air conditioner? Dealing with any AC issues in your RV is especially problematic during the summer. At AA Mobile RV Repair, we are your number-one source for mobile RV repairs and mobile RV maintenance.

Here are some tips on how to reset an RV air conditioner:

Decoding the RV Air Conditioning System

Before we delve into the reset procedure, it’s essential to grasp the workings of your RV’s air conditioning unit. Regular maintenance helps to avoid common RV AC issues, such as blowing warm air or being unable to turn off your air conditioner. Additionally, it helps to prevent fires and explosions that could stem from electrical problems.

Minor problems, such as the AC unit failing to blow cool air or the unit not restarting after a power outage, can often be remedied by resetting the system. This involves turning off the circuit breaker and finding the AC unit’s reset button. However, if the unit remains faulty after the reset, it’s advisable to consult local RV dealers or a service technician. Our highly-rated team at AA Mobile RV Repair can provide RV maintenance and repairs to prevent further damage to your travel trailers.

How do You Reset an RV Air Conditioner?

Following this step-by-step guide is important if you are ever dealing with RV AC issues.

Identify the Circuit Breaker Box

The initial step in how do you reset an RV air conditioner involves locating the circuit breaker box. You may need to read the owner’s manual from the RV manufacturer if you can’t locate it.

Switch Off the Air Conditioner

Make sure that your AC unit is turned off to avoid potential electrical problems.

Reset the Circuit Breaker

Once you find the AC switch in the circuit breaker box, turn it off. Wait a while before flipping it back on. This action resets the power supply for your air conditioning unit.

Locate the Reset Button

After resetting the circuit breaker, identify the reset button on your air conditioner. It’s usually small, and you may need a paper clip to press it.

Press the Reset Button

With the AC unit off, press and hold the reset button for roughly five seconds.

Turn On the Air Conditioner

After releasing the reset button, wait for a few moments, then restart your AC unit. The air conditioner should start blowing cold air as expected.

Should your RV air conditioner persist in malfunctioning after following these steps, it may need more extensive troubleshooting from an RV repair technician.

What to Do If Your RV Air Conditioner Fails

Despite proactive maintenance, an RV’s AC can occasionally fail. AA Mobile RV Repair is a leading mobile RV service provider offering RV maintenance and repairs in Pinellas County, Florida (New Port Richey, Largo, and Crystal River), and we are a specialist in RV AC repair. We also provide roadside assistance, and we can visit RV parks with our mobile RV service.

Our mobile service provides the following:

Onsite Evaluation and Repairs

We promptly diagnose your AC unit’s issues and provide on-the-spot repairs, saving time and stress.

RV Oil Changes for Both Gas and Diesel Engines

Keep your RV in peak condition with our convenient onsite oil changes.

Superior Customer Service

Our commitment to honesty and excellent work keeps RV owners happy.

Wide Range of RV Services

In addition to window air conditioner services, we also provide RV gas repair, RV diesel repair, RV hot water repair, and RV generator repair.

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