AC Brands We Recommend for Your RV

Need to repair or replace your RV’s AC? Here are the brands we recommend.

After soaking in the summer sun, nothing beats the refreshing sensation of a gentle breeze. Ensure you have a high-quality RV air conditioner before planning that cross-country trip. There are several brands to choose from, whether you are in the market for a new unit or want to upgrade from your present setup.

Be picky about whatever RV air conditioner you choose to avoid the “poor” ones. That’s why our experts at AA Mobile RV Repair have rounded up some of the most reliable RV AC brands available:

1. Coleman-Mach Signature Series

When it comes to air conditioning and heat pumps, the Signature Series consistently ranks at the top in terms of dependability. The Signature Series is the most versatile on the market due to its top-tier cooling abilities, premium hardware, and flexible profile customization choices.

Anywhere in the globe, Coleman-Mach will help you stay cool and productive. Do you have problems with your Coleman-Mach? Our RV air conditioning repair experts are available to work on your RV with parts on hand. The signature series includes:

  • MACH 3 Plus, 13,500 BTU A/C
  • MACH 15, 15,000 BTU, A/C
  • MACH 8 Plus, 13,500 BTU, A/C
  • MACH 10, 13,500 BTU, A/C

2. Coleman-Mach Quiet Series

Rooftop units, both non-ducted and ducted systems, are available from Coleman-Mach. Superior cooling performance and lower operating noise are benefits of this brand, thanks to detailed profile design. You won’t have to shout over the hum of your air conditioner to carry on a conversation, and you can finally relax while watching TV or listening to music. The models in the Quiet Series include:

  • Mach 15 dq
  • Mach 15 ndq
  • Mach 3 plus dq
  • Mach 3 plus ndq

3. Powersaver Series

Have there ever been times when turning on an appliance in your RV triggered a circuit breaker? Thankfully, you can prevent it all together with the POWERSAVER Series. The air conditioner is energy efficient without losing cooling effectiveness, so you can stay comfortable and cool while using the extra power for other electronics in your RV. The models under the Powersaver series include:

  • Mach 1 powersaver
  • Mach 3 powersaver
  • Mach 15 powersaver

4. Coleman Mach – Roughneck Series

Power and strength are not synonymous when discussing RV air conditioners. You can, however, combine them with Coleman RV AC brands. The Roughneck provides ample cooling capacity with excellent efficiency, and it is tough and sturdy enough to withstand use in off-road and large industrial vehicles.

Whether in an oil field, a construction site, or simply driving down country roads to your best fishing spot, it’s precisely designed to manage the vibrations and shocks associated with the territory. We are delighted to inform you that we provide RVAC repair and mobile RV maintenance if you already own this model and want to have it inspected. The Roughneck series includes the following models:

  • Mach 15 roughneck
  • Mach 3 roughneck
  • Mach 8 plus Roughneck

5. Coleman Mach – Soft Start Series

An effortless and constant power slope is provided to the engine by MACH 10 NDQ ac with SOFT Start, allowing for gradual acceleration instead of a rapid explosion of power. RV AC repair and mobile RV repairs are expenses to consider if you want to get the most out of your air conditioner and RV.

6. Dometic Brisk II

To keep a small RV cool with a fair price tag, the Dometic Brisk II is a fantastic option. It should be able to cool down a large RV in mild weather, as it generates 13,500 BTUs of cooling air. Plus, it’s one of the lightest ones (at 77 pounds), simplifying the installation process with an extended warranty that lasts for two years, a remote control, and good air filters.

7. Furrion Chill Air Conditioners

Rooftop air conditioners for recreational vehicles and campers are available from Furrion Chill RV ac brands in various models, all of which are among the most energy-efficient and powerful on the market. Furrion’s robust 120V AC air conditioner units are built to resist the harsh circumstances of life on the road, allowing you to cool down your camper or RV more quickly and at lower temperatures. RV owners can choose between manual, single-zone, or multi-zone controls.

The models under Furrion include:

  • 14.5K Furrion Chill
  • 15.5K Furrion Chill
  • 15K HE Rooftop Unit

To make the right decision, there are three main criteria to consider while shopping for an RV air conditioner:

Superior Cooling Performance

The RV’s air conditioner must be powerful enough to chill the entire vehicle, especially during extreme temperatures. In other words, they need to be able to cool down an area by at least 12,000 BTUs every hour. RV AC repair and maintenance must be done with extreme caution in order to maintain optimal cooling performance.


Brands of RV air conditioners that have been around for a while and have shown their effectiveness are the ones to go for. Furrion, Dometic, and Coleman are the most reliable RV AC brands with a long history of satisfied customers.


Most RV air conditioners weigh 150 pounds or more. You may easily go one thousand miles in your RV annually if you use it frequently. Gas use may be lowered to some extent by choosing a lightweight air conditioner that weighs less than 100 pounds. Weight remains a very important variable when using your travel trailer.

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