Mobile RV Air Conditioner Services

Is your RV’s ac working properly? If not, here’s how we can help!

There are words no one ever wants to hear when you have RV air conditioners. If you are an RV owner and you’re driving with your family in the middle of summer, the sentence you don’t want to hear is, “The air conditioner isn’t working!”

Whether you are about to head out for that last trip with the kids before school starts, or you and your partner are headed out to tour the Northeast during the glorious fall season, here are some tips for checking your RV air conditioner unit and when to look for RV air conditioner repair. Hopefully, your RV air conditioner won’t go out with this handy guide.

Practice Proper Maintenance To Avoid RV Air Conditioner Repairs

Often, RV air conditioner repairs can be avoided through good maintenance. First, you need to check your RV out all over before you begin your travel season. If you aren’t able, or you don’t want to get up on the roof to check out your RV’s air conditioners, you can find a company that does mobile RV inspections to come out and take a look.

Check the exterior of your air conditioner on your RV’s roof for cracks in the plastic housing. Be sure you are up to date with cleaning the filters, treating the coils with coil cleaner, and checking roof vents and power sources for your AC. Check for air conditioner leaks as well. If you can practice preventative maintenance, you’ll reduce the chances you need RV air conditioner repairs.

Common RV Air Conditioner Repairs

1)   Air conditioner won’t turn on – If you can’t get your air conditioner to turn on, there won’t be any cold air blowing on you during your trip. First, check your power supply to make sure it’s working and you didn’t trip breakers. If your air conditioner won’t turn on after you’ve checked the power sources, it’s time to call a mobile service for your air conditioning unit.

2)  Air conditioner is not blowing cool air – If your air conditioner is only blowing warm air, there may be a simple fix. Be sure your coils are clean and the air filters are clean.

Replace the air filter if necessary. If you still don’t have cold air, it’s time to find a mobile RV repair service.

3)   Air conditioner constantly leaks water – This, too, may be a question of simple maintenance. One of the most common reasons air conditioners leak water, especially if they are on the roof, is because the caulk or sealant around the RV may stop working over time.

Check that the air conditioner is sealed and caulked to prevent water from leaking into the RV. If your air conditioning unit is leaking from the unit itself rather than around it, it’s time for mobile RV repairs.

4)   Air conditioner cycles off and on repeatedly – This, too, may be an easy fix. Often, the cause of repeated cycling is that the air conditioner coils on your RV have frozen. If the coils freeze over, the unit may turn off and on rapidly or stop working altogether.

If you have checked the coils, and they appear normal, you may have another problem, such as a bad thermostat, and you’ll need an RV a/c repair service.

5)   Air conditioner is earsplittingly loud – While a loud air conditioner may sound like the least of your worries, there are times when loud noise indicates a larger issue, especially if your air conditioner used to be quieter. There may be a loose screw, nut, or mounting bolt that is causing the noises.

You may also have a dirty air filter that needs cleaning or replacing. If none of these are the cause of the noise, think about who installed the AC unit. If you installed it yourself, there’s a chance you forgot to install anti-vibration pads to control the noise. It’s time to find a mobile RV inspector to come and check on your unit.

AA Mobile RV Repair is Here For all Your RV AC Needs

With some simple RV air conditioner maintenance practices, you should be able to operate your air conditioning unit without issues. However, when RV gas repairs or RV diesel repairs happen, they usually don’t happen in town. Instead, they happen while you’re on the road.

When you need mobile RV service in Pinellas County: Largo, Tampa, Pinellas, New Port Richey, or Crystal River areas, you need to call AA Mobile RV Repair. We can do RV oil changes for gas and diesel RV’s, RV hot water repair, RV generator repair, and of course, fix that air conditioner you’re having problems with. Why not contact us today before your next road trip?