10 Common RV Water Heater Issues

A few ways to troubleshoot your RV’s water heater.

Dealing with an RV water heater that isn’t working properly is never a fun experience. Trying to take a cold shower can often be very unpleasant too. Sometimes you can make a few adjustments on your own to fix this problem, or you may need to reach out to professionals that specialize in RV hot water repair services.

Calling for mobile RV repairs is a great way to save you time and a lot of stress. These technicians can easily perform a variety of RV hot water heater troubleshooting methods to get your system working as soon as possible, so you can get back on the road.

Here are the most common problems impacting RV water heaters.

1) Lukewarm Water

Sometimes, a RV hot water heater can malfunction and struggle to heat water. Lukewarm water can occur due to several reasons, whether it’s due to a clogged dip tube or the buildup of sediment within the tank. The water heater settings may have even accidentally been reset. Problems with the heating element can also occur, which is why it’s important to reach out to a mobile RV service if your water heater is experiencing issues.

2) Strange Noises

You may even hear a few strange sounds coming from your RV water heater. Faulty pressure relief valves can cause a screeching sound. You may hear popping noises if your heating element is dirty. A loose pressure relief valve can also create whistling sounds. Reaching out to a professional is key in performing RV hot water heater troubleshooting to take care of these problems.

3) Lack of Power

Problems with your circuit board can cause power issues with your tankless water heater. Making sure the breaker for your water heater isn’t tripped is also important if you are dealing with a lack of power. You may even be dealing with a blown fuse. Staying proactive by scheduling mobile RV maintenance with professionals can help you avoid many of these issues.

4) Deactivated Heater

A hot water heater can automatically deactivate if the water temperature gets too hot. You will need to find the reset buttons for your hot water heater to resolve this problem. Reading the manufacturer’s manual can help you find the switch if you are having trouble finding it. If you continue to experience deactivation issues, you will need to reach out to professionals specializing in RV hot water heater troubleshooting.

5) Pilot Light Outage

Another common problem with an RV water heater tank is if the pilot light stops working or if it isn’t staying lit. A pilot light outage can often happen if the burner tube is obstructed. You can use pressured air to clear out the obstruction.

It’s also a good idea to double-check to see if the valves are open while also making sure you have enough propane gas. You will need to reach out to a mobile service if you are experiencing issues with the gas valve or gas line.

6) Minimal Water Flow

Dealing with a lack of water flow can be stressful if you are trying to wash your hands or take a shower. Mineral deposits can eventually build up within your hot water heater, which can reduce the water flow. Problems with your water lines can also negatively impact the amount of water pressure.

7) Buildup of Soot

Soot can eventually build up due to poor airflow. Clearing the main burner and air intake can sometimes fix this problem. However, you may be dealing with misaligned or loose parts within your hot water heater.

Damaged wiring can also cause soot to build up over time. Reaching out to a mobile RV service is important if you in resolving this problem as soon as possible.

8) Closed Bypass Valves

Sometimes your water heater stops working due to a closed bypass valve. For example, you may have turned off your water heater bypass valves if you recently sanitized your water lines or if you chose to winterize your RV. You should always check your bypass valve to ensure it’s turned on if you are ever dealing with any issues, as it’s an easy fix if your RV water heater stops working.

9) Bad Odor

You may even begin to notice a bad smell coming from your hot water heater. A rotten egg odor can occur if bacteria begins to grow in your tank. This usually happens if the water in your tank sits for too long. You can turn off the water heater and let it cool down before you drain and flush out the tank.

Using household bleach is a simple way to sanitize your tank, as you will need to let it sit in the tank for a few minutes before you flush it out.

10) Leaky Tank

An RV hot water heater can begin to leak due to a variety of reasons. You can reach out to an experienced technician to inspect your water heater to determine the best way to fix this problem. You might have to replace your valve, or the tank may need to be refilled at the correct level to avoid this issue. Either way, getting professional assistance is the best way to safely take care of this problem.

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