How to Protect Your RV From Hurricane Damage in Florida

Protect your RV during hurricane season.

Dealing with the threat of hurricanes is a reality for anyone living in Florida. Creating a plan ahead of time is key to preparing for these natural disasters. Knowing how to protect your RV from hurricanes is especially important if you use your RV regularly.

Taking a proactive approach by focusing on hurricane safety tips can help you keep damages to a minimum.

When is Hurricane Season in Florida?

Hurricane season in Florida starts on June 1st, and it goes to November 30th. Some years are much more active with hurricanes, while others are less frequent. Either way, making plans for how to prepare for tropical storms and hurricanes is a necessity for anyone that owns an RV. Preparing for these storms ahead of time is always a good idea that can save you a lot of stress, especially if you live in Pinellas County.

How to Protect Your RV Against Hurricanes

Hurricanes can cause major damage to an RV in only a short amount of time. Fortunately, you can follow a few steps to limit the damage to your RV. Following an evacuation route before a hurricane reaches the coast is especially important in keeping your RV safe. An RV can easily serve as a temporary house after a hurricane, which is why it’s critical to keep your RV well-protected against these storms.

Here is an overview of the ways to stay safe during a hurricane:

Prepare an Emergency Kit

The first step in preparing for hurricanes is to create an emergency kit for your RV. An emergency kit will need to include a wide variety of items, such as non-perishable foods, water, prescription medications, flashlights, a first-aid kit, battery-powered radio, and extra batteries. Double-checking your emergency kit to ensure you have everything is also a good idea before you evacuate your home.

Fill Your RV With Fuel Ahead of Time

Another tip is to make sure your RV has plenty of fuel, as you don’t want to get stranded while evacuating from a hurricane. Scheduling RV oil changes for gas and diesel ahead of time is also critical in avoiding any issues. Checking the windshield wipers and tires is key to staying safe while making sure you can easily drive your RV without having to worry about needing mobile RV repair work.

Bring Important Documents

It can often be easy to forget to carry important documents while you are planning to evacuate. However, it’s critical to put your vehicle registration, title, insurance documents, and other paperwork in a waterproof bag while keeping them with you as you travel. Evacuating with these documents in hand will keep them much safer from hurricanes.

Perform a Safety Check

Taking the time to perform a safety check is well worth the effort. For example, you will need to make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are working if you use gas-powered stoves. Turning off your propane cylinders and covering the regulator is important in avoiding problems.

Inspecting your generator is also critical, or you may need to schedule an appointment for RV generator repair. Doing a safety check several days in advance will give you enough time to schedule repairs before it’s too late.

Avoid Driving in Standing Water

Driving through standing water is a major risk that can lead to deadly consequences. Fast-moving water can easily sweep your RV off the road and lead to a wide range of damages. Driving through water can also stall the engine and cause you to need significant mobile RV repairs. Hurricane-force winds can even tear down electrical poles, which is why it’s essential to evacuate in advance to avoid these problems.

Other Things to Consider

Traveling to RV parks that are away from the main path of a hurricane is key to limiting damages. Parking your RV away from tree branches is important due to the potential risk of high winds. If you leave your RV behind, it’s a good idea to cover the air conditioning unit. Knowing the location of the transfer switch for your generator is also key to isolating electricity from the rest of the power grid while helping to prevent electrical shocks.

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